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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you're still scratching your chin after reading them, e-mail us at [email protected] and we'll dispel any remaining uncertainty.
What services does Hackabu provide?
In addition to growth hacking services for startups, SMEs, and corporations, Hackabu offers individual workshops and dedicated packages for your business needs.
Is Hackabu right for my business?
Your business is unique, and our services will be tailored to it and to your specific goals. You are operating in the digital ecosystem? Or do you want to leverage the power of Digital? Then your business is right for Hackabu.

Achieving growth, especially for startups, is no longer possible through "classic" marketing and advertising methods. Hackabu's growth hacking method enables clients to reach their audience and achieve growth by building on successful marketing experiments and following the business data.

We reconnect the customers with your brand and develop scalable growth strategies. Parallel to that we support you to foster the growth mindset within your team and build up the relevant knowledge for you to continuously walk on the path of success.
How is Hackabu different from a marketing agency or creative agency?
Our methods are data-driven and holistic, so they target your whole sales funnel. Another distinction: while agencies work for you, we work with you, i.e. hand in hand with your team. We train you throughout our collaboration to ensure lasting growth and implement the growth mindset in your company.
How does my business benefit from Growth Hacking?
You'll gain invaluable insights into the core performance of your product in the digital space, be it as an e-commerce platform or simply content engine. Furthermore, will your business strategy be enhanced by persona profiles and information on your current and potential north-star consumers.
What is Growth Hacking?
Growth Hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across the marketing funnel, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the business to pinpoint the most efficient ways to grow a business. The term was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010 and has since developed into a potent marketing discipline. You can learn more about how Hackabu uses this methodology to grow your business on our Growth Hacking Service Page. Browse our Growth Cases for examples of how clients have benefited from our growth hacking services.
Is Growth Hacking not just a hype?
This can be said for any technological advancement - we let the outcome speak for itself.
Which channels can one growth hack?
Is it trackable? It's hackable.
What's the difference between Growth Hacking and Growth Marketing?
Essentially they have the same goals, both are heavy on data-first approach and both are effective. We'd say the differences, if any, are slim. However, in general, it's perceived that growth hacking has less to do with brand & that growth hacking is focusing too much on technology. However, we have mixed the best of both sides within the team!
What is data-driven Marketing?
Data-driven Marketing is the foundation of growth hacking and optimization, it makes it possible to monitor performance on regular intervals. Data is collected to gain insights into preferences, user behaviours and habits of existing and potential new audiences to make necessary changes on various settings to - in the end - improve conversion rates, be it from a view to visits, from consideration to click, from traffic to actual purchase. Generally speaking data driven Marketing refers to marketing strategies which are derived from insights pulled from big data analysis collected through technological (GDPR compliant) enhancements on website and mobile smartphone apps.
What is Hackabu's Growth Hacking Framework?
At Hackabu we believe the best success can only be delivered with holistic approaches. We consider people, processes and technology through three phases: from analysis to planning to execution - rinse and repeat, learn and adapt.
How long does the Growth Hacking Process take? When can I expect results?
Typically we run experiments for at least 3 months, however, initial results may be present as early as 48 hours after kick-off - it all depends on your industry, seasonalities, traffic to your site/app as well as other subsequently supporting activities such as media-buys during test-phases.
How does Hackabu communicate with clients?
We stay in touch with you by phone, e-mail, video chat, in person, or however else you prefer. At the same time, we use agile working methods, so we combine traditional client contacts with communication on Slack, in Google Hangouts, and in project management applications such as Airtable.
How much do Hackabu services cost?
Your business is unique, and our services will be tailored to it and to your specific needs. There's no standard price for our service. To learn more, send a request to [email protected] or schedule a growth audit (neither of these costs a cent).
Can I offer my company's services to Hackabu in exchange for theirs?
You can try! Just send us an email!
How do I get started?
That's easy! Just e-mail [email protected], schedule a free growth audit, or contact us via the address or phone number in the footer. We look forward to meeting you!
Where is Hackabu's main office?
Our Vienna office is located in the heart of the city, Renngasse 6-8, 1010 Vienna. There we work side by side with several partners in order to ensure the most efficient delivery of our services. We couldn't ask for a better office ecosystem (but guys, if you're listening, we wouldn't say no to flying desks).
What is a Growth Hacker?
A traditional marketer would usually follow the traditional marketing practices he's been led to believe in. He will need money, publicity, and commercials (not saying those are bad things, just that they are not enough).

A Growth Hacker, on the other hand, is someone who has thrown away all his/ her traditional marketing books and beliefs. Instead, the Growth Hacker has replaced all that with only what is trackable, testable and scalable!
How to become a Growth Hacker / Marketer?
Easy, talk to us and send us an email to [email protected].
I just submitted a job application on Breezy. When can I expect a response?
Once the confirmation of your application arrives in your e-mail inbox, we will respond within 2 weeks. We take hirings seriously and want to give your application the full attention it deserves.
How can I get my logo on the Hackabu website?
Become a partner? Become a client and a success story? Hack our website?
I have a laser beam and I want to trap it in a waterfall. Is this even possible?
The trick is to get the critical angle just right. Achieving rapid business growth is a piece of cake compared to this. Trust us – we've done both.