Growth Hacking
The Hackabu Way

Are you achieving targeted growth? Are you collecting enough of the right data? Are you correctly tracking the ROI of all your activities? Are you challenging your marketing game enough?

Our Growth Hacking Service

Growth's firm foundation
- We analyze your company's data and KPIs and define the ones that matter most for your current needs.

- We identify potential areas of growth (e.g. new channels, target groups, markets, etc.) and weave them into the fabric of our strategies.

- We put together an initial growth experiment backlog full of experiments we could run together
From experiment to sustainable growth
- Our team of growth hackers analyzes your data and pinpoints potential drivers of growth, then runs, iterates, and optimizes targeted experiments to make that growth happen.

- The interaction of analysis, methodology and implementation of the entire growth hacking process allows you to rapidly identify what works and what doesn't. Focus on what matters.

- Ongoing tracking of your data keeps you in the driver's seat of your growth at all times. Always be on top of your data.
Agile implementation of growth experiment
We work together with you on growth hacking your company. We help with all of these:

- Growth Analysis
- Growth plan & OKR
- Growth Experimentation
- Learnings & Optimization
- Knowledge Transfer

Iteration for maximum impact
Projects are structured into "Growth Loops" (2-week sprints) to ensure gradual growth and constant learnings generation. Process over instant tactics.

Growth Loop #1
Growth Loop #2
Growth Loop #3

Here Comes the Flood.
Are You Ready?

The customer is always right
An endless array of channels
Automation takes over
Data is literally flowing everywhere
Big data brings big opportunities
Changing environment requires agile response
Complex frameworks
Content is king & advertising has never been more precise
UI/UX dominate the landscape
Who Do We Do It For
Business verticals we love working in:
We are passionate about SaaS businesses. Many of us come from a SaaS background too. You'll be in safe hands.
In Ecommerce you need to constantly be on top of your game, own your metrics, and we love this. Nothing can quite compare to a good Ecommerce challenge!
B2B Lead gen
Leads! Leads! LEADS! B2B lead gen can be tough, getting it right can be even tougher, we've been there. We'd love to help you build a mean lead gen machine!